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Papakihau/Slapped by the Wind

Other Projects

Sniper's Prayer (In the Church Yard, First Church, Moray Place, Dunedin, 2015)

Making History (Waiheke Community Art Gallery WI, 2009)

Whero Kuriwao/Red Bush Dog (Waiheke Island, Private Collection, 2009)

Kuri/Dog (Dunedin City Council, Art in Public Places Commission, 2008)

Line of Dogs (Umbrella Studio Contemporary Arts, Townsville-North Queensland, 2005)

Tinnie Waka (James Cook University North Queensland 2005)

TIWAI (Dunedin Public Art Gallery 2004)

Tiwai Archaelogical Boxes (2001/2005)

Whakamaoritanga/Translations (Hocken Library Gallery, Otago University 2000)

Motupohue/Bluff Hill Lookout (1994/2000)

Otago Necklace (Private Collection 1998)

Papakihau/Slapped by the wind (1993-1996)

FLUXUS: Selected Works (1983-1987)

Papakihau "Slapped by the wind" was produced at the Canberra School of Art, Australian National University in 1992/3. It was during this time that I reassessed my practice in response to a genius loci, local sense of place. Conceptual notions of archaeology, spatial histories and cultural geography began to infiltrate my research and studio practice and I began to explore the nature of sculptural scale.

Sound, hau/wind, text/placenames and form combine with specific sculptural materials such as stone, metal (aluminium) as significance to a regional context; Motupohue/Bluff, southern New Zealand. The use of aluminium pertains directly to the industrial function of the aluminium smelter and the casting and exporting of aluminium ingots today is analogous to the pre-European manufacture of stone adzes for trade and export 500 years ago. As a consequence of this exhibition returning to New Zealand with the support of P&O Containers Pty Limited in late 1993, I received a commission from Te Papa Atawhai New Zealand Department of Conservation to re-design the viewing platform on Motupohue/Bluff Hill (1994-2000).

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