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Artist Statement

As a visual artist working with links between natural and industrial processes, my practice activates the concept of 'artist-as-archaeologist' within the intersections of memory and place.

Excavating the past to relocate it in the present, I peel-back the layers of human occupations and culture, constructing visual narratives through making and placing objects in a post-museum context. These narratives are informed by extensive historical research aimed at constructing a local 'sense of place' in which universal ideas can be contemplated.

Within the scope of current debates in social theory and human geography, I characterize myself as developing a conversation between archaeological and artistic practices focused on the concepts of site, place and landscape. My practice is closely linked to notions of cultural hybridity and my research is positioned within regional, national and international debates concerning the contestability of place in postcolonial discourse.

In dealing with the multiple meanings of cultural landscapes and working at scales from whole-of landscape to the much more intimate I juxtapose identities and assumptions to open up new possibilities for how communities might imagine themselves.


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